The Decline and Fall
of the Roman Empire

Six Monday Evenings
January 26 - March 2, 2009
7:00 - 8:30 pm

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church

Bagby Parish Hall

717 Sage Road
Houston, TX 77056

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An Adult Education Lecture Series by
Dr. William J. Neidinger
Dr. Neidinger holds degrees from Fordham University,
University of Madrid, and Rice University.  He is an
archaeologist with the Texas Foundation for Archaeological
& Historical Research (TFAHR), and has been directing
excavations in the Mediterranean area for the past 25 years.  
During this time he has also lectured extensively at
universities, colleges, adult education programs, and churches
across the state of Texas.  He has recently returned from
TFAHR archaeological excavations in the Republic of
Macedonia.  For information on Dr. Neidinger’s current and
upcoming projects, please visit

Many of Dr. Neidinger’s lectures are available on DVD and
CD.  For purchasing information, please see
The Decline of the West, The Clash of Civilizations, The End of History,
The Fall of the American Empire, The Battle for America’s Border, While
Europe Slept
:  from the sound of these cataclysmic titles one would think
that none of this has ever happened before!  In 1776 Edward Gibbon, in his
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, established the
framework by which the demise of Rome and every other great empire is
studied and evaluated.  In this course we will analyze Gibbon’s analysis,
then embark upon an in-depth study of names, events, and movements, and
end with an examination of Rome’s fall and the legitimacy of comparisons
to current events.
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Dr. William J. Neidinger
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  1. 1776:  Gibbon Frames the Question.
  2. The Rise of the Empire.
  3. The Time of Troubles.
  4. The Twilight of the Gods.
  5. Why Did Rome Fall?
  6. The Validity of Comparisons: Rome and the West.
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